Author Topic: Before you buy your first complete set...BEGINNERs - WARNING!  (Read 1200 times)

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Before you buy your first complete set...BEGINNERs - WARNING!
« on: January 02, 2010, 06:05:43 PM »
Just some advice to all fellows kaki`s... ;)

From my experience, when we just pick up golf, we should`t buy expensive set. This was because after sometime we might want to improve our game by replacing it with any set that more suitable with us and we want to replace it with the improvement set. Than that time we definitely will sell our beginner set. And the most important things was that we can sell it at almost same price or a little bit lower than the price we bought before.

Why not we just straightaway buy improvement set rather then buying the beginner set? Good question pal. The reason being i`m not recommend you to buy improvement set was because as beginner we still don`t really know which set was really suitable with us. We cannot simply test any set that we like. One intermediate iron set already worth RM900 and above. This only iron set. Not to mentions others like driver and so on. But if you a rich man and don`t worry about money then i also selling intermediate sets hehe…just joking pals.

But no problem, if you got any question about starting golf, just give me a call…if you don`t want to buy from me also got no problem…we still can be a is about friendship. Thanks and happy golfing… O0 O0