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New Handicap Application
« on: October 17, 2016, 09:33:24 AM »
Dear All Golfers,

I am wondering is there any Malaysian Golf Assosiation Committees around in this Forum.
I had sent 3 emails to MGA with regards to my queries on Handicap Applications. But no availed till now, already more than 2 months.

Anyway... i hope MGA Committes is around and could read my Post here.

I am interested in applying the membership to MGA and obtain Handicap indexes, whereby i do not posted to any club membership.

After read through the "Application for Handicap Membership without Club Membership Form", i have few queries as follow:-

1. Submit Certificate Certified by a Golf Professional/Tester - How can i get the Golf Professional/Tester?
2. Is there any MGA Commitee or NHS Sub-committee member particularly located in Ipoh, Perak?
3. Do we have to pay any fees to the Golf Professional/tester or Committee while they certifying us?
4. I am a Malaysian, but most of the time i am in Overseas due to work purposes; for e.g. If i have a Handicap certificate in Indonesia, can i attached it to the Application and get exempted from any Certification by a Golf Professional/Tester?
5. 5 Scores Cards - If the Scores Cards is while play in Indonesia, will it be acceptable by MGA?

Hope to receive from any Pro around in this Forum.

Thanks and regards,