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The biggest social benefit of golf is that it allows you to not only meet new friends, but it also helps you reconnect with old buddies.

KakiGolf's App allows you to organize games, meet other golfers, make new friends, build networks, and create memories. Our App is easy to use.

You can set up rounds, and other golfers will be able to request to join your games. You have the option to choose golfers who have the skill sets that you are looking for, or have the interests that you want.

Golf is a social game so lets get connected.

Discover, Play & Connect

Whether you’re a beginner, a high-level amateur or a professional, find your next golfing adventure effortlessly with KakiGolf’s App.

Our App ensures you’re always a swing away from your next golfing experience. Even if you’re someone who’s trying to find that fourth player, or you’re just looking to meet more friends, or maybe you simply want to expand your network, KakiGolf is the place to get connected.

Create Golf Games & Organize Tournaments

Elevate your golf passion with exciting tournaments. KakiGolf empowers you to host your own golfing events, whether for friendly play or serious competition.

You can keep track of scores in real-time, and follow every player in our live leaderboard. We’ve simplified organizing golf events for you.

Connect Through Chat Groups

Stay linked with fellow golfers by joining chat groups or simply create your own golfing community.

Our chat groups enable you to create circles of players with similar interests either for networking, exchanging golf insights or for future events.

Your groups can either be made public or private.

Elevate your game

Ready to enchance your golfing experience? Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, KakiGolf is your go-to companion for all things golf.

Frequently asked questions

    • What does this App actually do?

      This is a Tinder-like matching app that lets you find the right golf partners. Our App allows you to search for players by location, handicap, age, experience, time availability and more. Just filter your preferences for your ideal golf buddy.

      Stay informed by getting notified of match invites, friend requests and new messages. Join groups of like-minded golfers, or create your very own groups.

      Reconnect with old friends, meet new golfers, grow your network and play golf at the same time.

    • Is this a golf reservation App?

      No, we are not a golf booking app. However, we do have plans to include this feature in the near future, and we are currently working on it.

    • Is my handicap calculated each time I use this App?

      Yes, we’ll calculate your handicap index for you. All you need to do is to just submit your scorecards after each game, and we’ll do the rest. We’ve based our calculation on WHS handicapping system.

      However, our handicap is not sanctioned by local or international golf associations, so you won’t be able to use it for any official tournaments. That said, you may definitely use it for your personal use, either for self-improvement or when playing with others who are also using KakiGolf’s handicap.

    • Apart from matching me up with other golfers and calculating my handicap index, what else does this App do?

      We’ve also provided, for the more serious and ambitious golfers, the following features:

      (i) Real-time scorings

      Track your scores as you play. Use your phone and key-in your scores to keep track of your strokes on every hole. No need for any pen and paper.

      (ii) Live Leaderboard

      Our live leaderboard lets everyone in on the action. Each player in the game will know where they stack up in real-time.

      (iii) Create your own golf events

      Looking to create regular events and tournaments for your golfing circles on your own? Worry no more! We’ve made it simple for you. With our tournament-style live leaderboard, real-time scorings computations, event invitation and flight arrangement features, organizing a golf tournament, big or small, will be a breeze.

      (iv) Improve Your Golf Game

      Know your strengths and improve on your weaknesses. All you have to do is record your scores and stats every time you play. We’ll help you track your performance, your averages and percentages.

      Know your fairway hits, your GIRs, your Approach Shots, your Recovery Shots, and your Putting. Find out where you are missing, and practice those areas to get better.

    • How do I sign up?

      Download the app from either the Google Play or the App Store and sign up, its easy to use and its completely free!

    • Who do I contact?

      Send any enquiries to:

About KakiGolf

KakiGolf is an online community for golfers. Founded in 2007, KakiGolf started out as an online forum that was intended to reach out to golfers who shared similar interests, and those who had the same passion for the game.

KakiGolf was the “go-to” place on the net for golfers to get together in “real-time” and to get connected with one another 24/7, at any time and from anywhere.

The community since then has grown to become the most active, and among the largest golfing community in Malaysia. Todate KakiGolf has an online membership of over 20,000, most of whom are in Malaysia.

Join us! Our community is filled with avid golfers just like you.